Small Changes Equal Big Results 小改變大成果

You can make positive changes in just a few minutes a day by Pamela Osment
We form bad habits without trying. But we can purposefully develop good habits in just 15 minutes a day.

Become a lifelong learner
Each month, choose one new subject to learn about. Spend 15 minutes a day reading about it on the Internet or in books and magazines. You may discover that 15 minutes isn’t long enough to satisfy your interest. Before long, you’ll be an expert on the subject!
Become neater
Has the clutter in your home become overwhelming?
Do you have trouble finding something when you need it?
Take 15 minutes each day to deal with one pile of papers on your desk. Or use that short time to put away your clothes or to clean out the refrigerator. After just one month, you’ll be amazed at the new order in your life!
Become healthier
You may think you have no time for exercise. But just 15minutes a day of exercise can bring huge health benefits. You’ll strengthen your heart, bones and mind, and you’ll improve your attitude.
Making positive changes is possible. Before you know it, your slow and steady changes will become lifelong habits!

Did you know…
Bad habits die hard, so the best time to correct a bad habit is before it becomes a regular part of your everyday life. Good habits are often hard to develop. The goal is to make it a behavior or practice that is so fixed in your mind that you do it without thinking. Some experts say it takes about 20 days before a good habit becomes second nature.