Some possible drills: 一些可能的練習方法
Fly. Kick, no board, arms at body's side. Think: kick head down, kick head up. Don't rush the kick. It begins at the chest and unfurls quite slowly with a snap of the ankles, like cracking a whip. If your timing is good on the whole stroke, this will be very easy. If it's difficult to do, probably your timing is off. Within a fraction of a second, the sequence of entry is head, hands, feet. The second kick is half way through the stroke.
捷泳: 打水不用浮板, 雙手放在體側, 仔細的思考--頭放下打水和抬頭打水. 打水時不要急燥, 它開始是從胸部慢慢展開, 來帶動腳板抓水, 很像快速的甩動鞭子. 如果整個划水的過程, 時間點(節奏)掌握的夠好的話, 游起來就會很輕鬆. 如果做起來很困難, 可能就是節奏抓不好. 整個划水的順序是頭, 手, 腳. 第二次打水要在划水動做進時到一半時開始(這裡應該是講兩拍式打水).
Back. Swim with exaggerated roll and glide on your side, one arm outstretched and one at your side for about 6 to 9 kicks.
仰式: 用很跨大的滾動成側面然後滑行的方式游, 一隻手伸直出水面, 一隻放在體側, 腳踼水6到9次, 再滾向另一側, 重復練習.
Breast. Kick twice, pull once for a length; then kick once and pull twice. Swim using fly kick.
蛙式: 一趟蛙腳踢水, 兩次划手一次; 然後踢水一次, 划手兩次; 最後蛙手蝶腰.
Free. One-arm, catch-up (hand touches outstretched hand before you pull), ripple (drag your fingers in the water, directly below your elbow, during recovery), hesitation (leave your hand out of the water behind you for a second before beginning recovery.
1. 單臂划水練習
2. catch-up: 划水的手來到前方碰觸到前伸的手後, 才開使下一次划水
3. 水漣漪練習: 划手高肘出手面後指尖要碰到水面, 然後一直劃過水面到前方,再進行第二次划手.
4. 遲疑練習: 划手高肘出水面, 停兩秒鐘, 再向前伸展, 進行下一次划手.