Rock 'n' Roll in Swimming: Analysis of Rhythms in Crawl and Butterfly Strokes





結合律動力學和其動力資料分析可以提供一個洞見:在游泳時如何建構”良好的律動” 。重要的是,去使用律動的知識是可能的,並且發展它來改進游泳技巧和運動方式。





Trainers and swimmers talk often about rhythm in swimming, but very rarely they can explain what they mean by this. The article we present here is based on lecture held at the International Symposium on Biomechanics in Sports 2007. This is one of the few articles that describes how rhythm in swimming may be described, analysed and quantified .
Using examples from analysis of butterfly and front crawl swimming, the article describes how rhythms may be quantified using Fourier analysis and presented ‘typical’ results from past and current research. In combination with kinematic and kinetic data analysis of rhythms can provide an insight into what constitutes ‘good rhythm’ in swimming. Importantly, there is potential to use knowledge of rhythms and their development to improve swimming technique and sports performance.Typically, in good swimmers, rhythmic waves are travelling through the body that involve the arms, shoulders, trunk, thighs and shanks, and the feet. The article's corroborates evidence that propulsion is not generated by pushing undisturbed water back, as proposed in earlier concepts about how propulsion is generated (more on propulsion: Propulsion through drag or lift?).
The article proposes that the body roll in front crawl swimming is initiated by the angular momentum created by the lower limbs while kicking, as the torque forces of the limbs are transferred to the trunk. The arm action also plays a role in this. The rhythmic waves are characterised by the rolling motions around the longitudinal axis of body segments.
In the butterfly stroke, there are horizontal rotational axes that include the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.
The efficiency of the energy transmission from the body into the water depends on rhythmic body undulations that are both hydrodynamic and propulsion efficient (whole article as a PDF).

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